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General recommendations
Marasha’s travel agency tours operator

  1. When planning your trip, choose those providers that offer guarantees of quality and respect for human rights and the environment.
  2. To make tourism in the rural or natural area, select a knowledgeable staff and always be accompanied by tour guides and qualified personnel to make these tours.
  3. Bring in your hand luggage medicines you usually take as well as the right amount for the journey (Remember to carry with you the respective doctor's prescription).
  4. In the case of kids under age remember to carry a copy of the identity card and parents or parent permit if one of the parents is not traveling.

Suggestions for sustainable tourism

Dear visitor:
According to the standards of sustainability, please keep in mind the following tips while visiting the Amazon:

  1. Observe and be respectful with different cultures and traditions of the Amazon region.
  2. Contribute to prevention against exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of abuse with minors. Sexual child exploitation is a punishable crime in the place where it is carried out as well as in the country of residence of the person committing that crime.
  3. Defend the natural environment. We invite you to protect flora and fauna. Do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals.
  4. Do not feed, touch and/or take flash pictures to animals that are in the different tourist scenarios.
  5. Get to know the culture, customs, cuisine and traditions of local populations. Respect them and approach to them, they have much to tell.
  6. When buying gifts and souvenirs seek products that are an expression of the local culture. Buy handicrafts and processed products by indigenous communities, they are elaborated from knowledge, values and traditional skills, with low impact on the environment. It will promote the economy of the people who welcome you and also the cultural diversity.
  7. Ensure that noise emissions are low while in natural and cultural sites to not affect the environment.
  8. Make efficient use of energy and water resources, closing the keys and consume only what is necessary, turn off lights, air conditioners, fans and electronic equipment when leaving the place of accommodation.
  9. Practice good disposal of solid waste and where possible bring back waste (packaging, plastics, polystyrene, glass, batteries) and your visit will have a minimum impact.
  10. Try to contribute your presence to the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, building with your trip a healthier and more harmonious planet.

Recommendations for your Stay

  1. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, it is necessary to get vaccinate against yellow fever at least 10 days before your trip. More information
  2. For excursions along the Amazon River is suggested small luggage very comfortable with the necessary elements.
  3. It is essential to carry terms or canteens that can be refill in the water dispensers of the Marasha Natural Reserve and the MarashaTours office, in this way it helps to minimize the impact of the use of plastic in the environment.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes, preferably cotton and light colored (long sleeve shirts are recommended for long jungle walks).
  5. Use of hats or caps to cover from the sun.
  6. The plastic boots are recommended to perform the guided forest walks.
  7. Wear appropriate clothing if you wish to use the area for swimming in the lake.
  8. Carry flashlight and binoculars for better observation of fauna and flora.
  9. It is advisable to wear raincoats, especially in the rainy season. Also moisture can affect the performance of electronic equipment; it is recommended to store them in sealed plastic bags to prevent its spoilage.
  10. Avoid using sprays, they are highly polluting; preferably use natural repellents in lotion, creams or bars.
  11. For your safety we recommend hiring your tours with properly legal travel agencies and certified tourist guides.
  12. Pet entry to the Natural Reserve is not allowed.

Loving nature and having all your mindset ready for an unforgettable adventure!