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The Natural Reserve

General information

Natural condition harborage which has a typical architecture of cabins designed and built under environmental standards for preserving biodiversity. It offers visitors a pleasant stay for resting, recreation and coexistence with nature.

A 45 minute to an hour shuttle to the facilities of the Natural Reserve marks the prelude to the magical feeling of life that only MARASHA offers. In this interpretive journey through nature trails inside the forest with huge trees and vegetation variety, you will be able to capture the best photographic or video images, also contemplating the landscape with its fauna such as mammals, insects and multicolored birds. Sport fishing, alligator sighting, canoeing, exploring wildlife, accompanied by native guides to visit the area, specialized care, comfortable facilities and above all peace and rest that make MARASHA in the Amazon, the place to renew your vitality and energy.


The beginning of Marasha is given by the idea of a resident of the community of Puerto Alegría Perú, who knowing the lake, the majesty of the jungle and the great variety of flora and fauna, created the model facilities with the counseling of a relative in Leticia.

In order to encourage eco-tourism he motivated the authorities and people of Puerto Alegría (Perú) about the benefits of conserving and preserving the area, so by a general assembly, they agreed to declare it a Natural Reserve, obtaining as an incentive a monthly economic contribution, assigned for social projects for the community. In addition the Reserve creates jobs, with a plant of collaborators among cooks, guides and caretakers, all of them Peruvian nationals and residents of the community of Puerto Alegría.

The name MARASHA comes from a small, spiny palm, found around the lake and its fruits are eaten by fish and birds.


We are a team committed to provide an efficient service to all visitors, in a completely natural atmosphere, where people can enjoy the wonderful gift of God in the lush jungle, for an unforgettable experience in the Amazon meeting their expectations.


Marasha’s Natural Reserve, projected to 2020 is going to be recognized and differentiated in the national and international ecotourism market scenario, making visitors select it as the most preferred, having as main objective the satisfaction of our customers, employees and community, meeting environmental guidelines for an adequate preservation for sustainable development.


How to arrive

Marasha’s Natural Reserve is located half an hour from Leticia through the Amazon River in Peruvian territory (15 km distance), a place where the adventure begins in the company of a guide with a tour of the jungle for about an hour up until reaching the installations.

Leticia’s Fluvial Transportation - Entrance to Marasha

Geographic Location

Peruvian Amazon, across from the town of Nazareth Colombia

Coordinates in decimal degrees: 4.142223 °S. 70.063959 ° W


Recommendations for your Stay

  1. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, it is necessary to get vaccinate against yellow fever at least 10 days before your trip. More information
  2. For excursions along the Amazon River is suggested small luggage very comfortable with the necessary elements.
  3. It is essential to carry terms or canteens that can be refill in the water dispensers of the Marasha Natural Reserve and the MarashaTours office, in this way it helps to minimize the impact of the use of plastic in the environment.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes, preferably cotton and light colored (long sleeve shirts are recommended for long jungle walks).
  5. Use of hats or caps to cover from the sun.
  6. The plastic boots are recommended to perform the guided forest walks.
  7. Wear appropriate clothing if you wish to use the area for swimming in the lake.
  8. Carry flashlight and binoculars for better observation of fauna and flora.
  9. It is advisable to wear raincoats, especially in the rainy season. Also moisture can affect the performance of electronic equipment; it is recommended to store them in sealed plastic bags to prevent its spoilage.
  10. Avoid using sprays, they are highly polluting; preferably use natural repellents in lotion, creams or bars.
  11. For your safety we recommend hiring your tours with properly legal travel agencies and certified tourist guides.
  12. Pet entry to the Natural Reserve is not allowed.

Loving nature and having all your mindset ready for an unforgettable adventure!