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In this section you will find FAQs that have been made by visitors

  • How to arrive to the Marasha Natural Reserve?

    To arrive to Marasha you must to buy the tour in your preferred travel agent or with us (Marasha Tours), who will be responsible for providing the necessary attention for the booking and the itinerary, from coordinating the river transport as well as being alert on arrival and departure. It is important to know that tours are NOT sold in the Natural Reserve if tourists arrive without prior notice.

  • Where facilities are located in the Marasha Natural Reserve?

    From the port of Marasha Natural Reserve (on the Amazon River) to the facilities there are two ways, each 3 km away, these tours could Be: walking in the dry season (July to February) or by boat rowing (March to June).

    These cottages are located beside the Marasha's lake.

  • How far is Marasha Natural Reserve to Leticia?

    The Natural Reserve is located about 30 minutes from Leticia, are 15 km by boat on the Amazon river.

  • Do you need to apply some kind of visa to enter the Marasha Natural Reserve?

    No, for Colombian visitors must carry the identity card, and for foreigners only need the passport or document that has been requested to enter Colombia.

  • Do you sell tours at Marasha Natural Reserve excluding activities?

    No, tours at the Marasha Natural Reserve both fullday and accommodation are all inclusive. (See Tours)

  • When is the best time of year to visit the Marasha Natural Reserve?

    Marasha Natural Reserve is open to the public throughout the year. There are two times in the Amazon (rainy and dry season), according to this you can do boating through the forest flooded by the high level of the river, or walk through the jungle due to low river level.

  • Are there electrical service at the Marasha Natural Reserve?

    The electricity service at Natural Reserve is from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, there is light in all cabins and electrical plugs.

    It also has solar energy harnessed by a panel where you can charge electronic devices at any time.

    If your visit to the Natural Reserve requires more time electricity, for different activities, you can consult and know the additional cost of this service.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Pets are not allowed in the Marasha Natural Reserve. The presence of pets in ecological reserves can be at risk for wildlife and the permanence of the fauna and flora in the area, is a risk for the life of the pet too, also can disrupt the tranquility of the destination and tourists.

  • Where I can pay?

    Payments are made primarily at our office located in the city of Leticia (Carrera 10 No. 7-55), you can pay up to a day before starting the plan. There is an exception for tourists to make the plan if it is the same day of arrival at Leticia.

  • What should I do if the day of arrival in Leticia I'm going to MARASHA NATURAL RESERVE?

    With the right time to make the booking, you indicate the date and time of arrival to Leticia, the airline and the flight number. With this information a functionary of the office (MarashaTours) will meet you at the airport to transport you to the office (without any additional cost) to make the payment process, also will be given the last indications, the doubts will be answered, and finally you will go with the functionary to the port of Leticia-Amazonas to start the tour to MARASHA.