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Green Natural trails in Marasha Natural Reserve

Green Natural trails

Different routes can be walked and/or navigated in Marasha’s Natural Reserve, accompanied by a local guide, who will show you the different characteristics of the place and carefully where you would have the chance to observe the different species of fauna and flora.

Flora Marasha Natural Reserve

Flora Sighting

Enjoy the nature trails where you can observe the diversity of native trees and plants of the Amazon, such as the Victoria Regia (Victoria amazonica) the most representative of this area. In addition you will learn from each of them and their uses in the region.

Fauna Marasha Natural Reserve

Fauna Sighting

In Marasha due to its natural conditions, is in favor the approach and/or sighting of a large number of species of typical animals of the Amazon, an example of this is the diversity of birds that is readily appreciable.

Canoeing Marasha Natural Reserve


The tranquility of the Natural Reserve and the serene waters of Lake recreate the perfect place to cross it by canoe, along with the guide you will row discovering the beautiful nature and unique landscapes of the Amazon.

Fishing Marasha Natural Reserve


For fishing enthusiasts and those who want to experience traditional fishing, you will discover the wealth that aquatic life gives for its variety of fish in the Marasha Lake. You will know the different species and know which are used for consumption in the area.

Kayaking Marasha Natural reserve


If you wish more adventure, you can navigate the lake and into the flooded forest in the kayaks, equipped with the proper security measures for a better experience.

Night Safari Marasha Natural Reserve

Night Safari

One of the most attractive activities for visitors to enjoy is to know the night's wildlife that the Natural Reserve offers, there are also possible sightings of alligators and even small specimens apprehensions to be appreciated, all with the help of expert guides for such activity.

Canopy (zip-line) Marasha Natural Reserve

Canopy (zip-line)

Activity extra cost
It is an ecoadventure activity to move over the heights of the trees through safe and controlled ropes and pulleys. It begins with climbing a tree to reach a 38 meters high platform, where you can enjoy a unique view of the lake and towards the middle of the jungle.
Right after that, a horizontal displacement from one tree to another is made, a route of 250 meters that crosses the Marasha Lake, until arriving to another platform. This activity is guided by trained operators.


Rest area Marasha Natural Reserve

Rest area

You will have the possibility to rest in hammocks installed on the floating rafts located on Marasha Lake, a space of harmony and peace, feeling the breeze and the sound of birds.

Bookstore Marasha Natural Reserve

Reading area

Take advantage of the cultural and scientific information we have about the Amazon, where you can complement the knowledge with the experience in the Natural Reserve.

Swimming area in Marasha's lake

Swimming area

Nature Reserve gives you the opportunity to swim in the lake, you have a space enclosed with chain link mesh as security for a better service.

Restaurant Marasha Natural Reserve


The food is served buffet style, typical food of the region is enjoyed in our restaurant service, excellent quality food and our great cooks will make food a pleasure for your palate. We also offer vegetarian options.

Accommodation Marasha Natural Reserve


All facilities are designed for resting and recreation in a natural and friendly atmosphere. Visitors will feel comfortable in the jungle, in cabins with beds for groups of people or individual persons with private bathroom.

Native guides Marasha Natural Reserve

Native guides

All activities will be conducted by guides from the community of Puerto Alegría - Perú, whose traditional knowledge acquired by various trainings, will leave you the best experience that Marasha’s Natural Reserve can offer you.